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Acting Against Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

New Jersey state-level employment law and federal regulations prohibit workplace discrimination based on your religion. If you have been discriminated against at work based on your religion or creed, then you may be able to file a claim for compensation. Depending on the severity of the discrimination and the size of your employer’s company, the available compensation could range into the thousands of dollars.

Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law proudly represents people throughout New Jersey who have faced religious discrimination while at work. When you allow our law firm to represent you, it becomes our goal to not only secure the maximum compensation that may be available to you but to also bring you a sense of justice and closure. We hope that our representation and your courage to speak will help stop future religious discrimination across the state, too.

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What Does Religious Discrimination Look Like?

Workplace discrimination related to religion may look like the following:

  • Overlooking you for a well-deserved promotion
  • Cutting your wages or funding
  • Termination or reduction of weekly hours

The key to a successful religious discrimination claim or lawsuit is being able to establish a link between the discrimination and your religion through factual evidence. Oftentimes, internal work emails and chat communications can be a good source of religious discrimination evidence. For example, if there have been disparaging emails that make fun of your religion or you in particular based on your religion, then you should save copies of those emails to bring to your employment lawyer.

Religious discrimination is also often conveyed through inappropriate or insensitive work “humor.” Insulting drawings or cartoons of people from your religion should be saved or photographed. If a coworker insults your religion through “joking” conversation, then you should make it known to your Human Resources department through emails, which create a written record of the harassment.

Lack of Accommodation Can Also Be Discrimination

Religious discrimination can also come in the form of a willful and neglectful lack of accommodations provided to you based on your religion. Employers in New Jersey are required to make reasonable accommodations to allow people to practice their religions at work, assuming those practices are not unreasonably disruptive. An employer who refuses to make those accommodations could be penalized for engaging in religious discrimination.

Two examples of religious discrimination caused by a lack of accommodation:

  • A Jewish man who works in an office environment feels most comfortable when wearing his kippah or yarmulke throughout the day. The man’s employer will not allow him to wear this religious garment, though, claiming it would be distracting to other coworkers.
  • A Muslim woman who works in a retail store asks to use her breaks and lunch break to observe the midday, afternoon, and sunset calls to prayer observed in her religion. Her boss refuses to make adjustments to her schedule that would accommodate these infrequent and brief breaks.

Stand Up for Your Religion with Our Help

Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law in New Jersey is proud to stand up for the religious rights and freedoms of all people. Whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindi, Buddhist, or another denomination, we are here to be your voice after your workplace discriminates against you. Together, we can combat religious discrimination and make New Jersey a better place for workers in every county.

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