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Employment law is one of the most complex fields of law, yet we all encounter it each and every day. Whether you are an employee, a supervisor, a business owner, or a company executive, employment laws are making an impact on how you work. Due to their intricacies and importance, employment laws can trigger heated and difficult disputes without much warning.

At Brandon J. Broderick, Attorneys at Law, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and focused representation for employment law clients throughout New Jersey and New York. Whereas some law firms pick and choose a side – employer or employee – we proudly offer our experienced legal services to employees, employers, and businesses. No matter what happened to place you in a legal bind, our attorneys are here to resolve it while always protecting your best interests and reputation.

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Our team of New Jersey employment law attorneys take an eclectic group approach to employment law cases. Bringing together our knowledge and insight creates an optimal experience for our clients by constructing a stronger, better position on their behalves. Thanks to our teamwork and extensive familiarity with both state and federal employment laws, we can take on essentially any employment law case for you.

We can provide counsel and representation for cases involving the following and more:

  • Discrimination: Employees in most workplaces are protected against workplace discrimination involving a protected class due to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, New York State and City anti-discrimination statutes and the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. We take cases for employees who have faced discrimination based on their race, color, religion, sex, age, gender identity, military service, and so forth. Together, we can demand and pursue justice for you after facing discrimination.
  • Sexual Harassment: All employees are shielded from sexual harassment in the workplace. “Quid pro quo” harassment promises something in return for a sexually-driven favor, like higher wages if an employee goes on a date with their boss. A “hostile work environment” can constitute sexual harassment if an employee reasonably feels uncomfortable with the behaviors or communications of other employees, like being sent group emails with jokes in the footers about sexual encounters.
  • Reductions in Force (RIF): Sometimes the best companies in the world need to downsize due to a lack of funds, a lessening of product demand, reorganization, and so forth. We can help your business with its reduction in force processes to attempt to best ensure the avoidance of accusations or instances of wrongful termination.
  • Negotiation of severance agreements: Certain employees are provided severance agreements as either a benefit of employment or as something set forth upon cessation from employment. When the employment relationship ends, severance agreement often provide employees with additional compensation – in exchange for a legally binding promise not to file a lawsuit against the employer for any reason thereafter. Let us help you negotiate a reasonable severance agreement as either an employee or an employer.
  • Restrictive Covenants: Many employment agreements include a restrictive covenant clause that bars the employee from certain activities after leaving the company. A non-compete agreement requires the employee to not work for a competitor until a certain amount of time has passed. A non-solicitation agreement prevents a former employee from soliciting current employees of the business to leave their employment for opportunities elsewhere and/or from soliciting the employer’s clients to engage in business elsewhere. Whether you are an employer or an employee, we can help you understand, enforce or maneuver around restrictive covenant agreements.
  • Retaliation: Employees cannot face retaliation for engaging in legal behaviors, such as notifying their employers about discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace, or for refusing to engage in illegal or arguably immoral behaviors in the workplace. Damages for being retaliated against are similar to the damages available for the underlying claims of discrimination or sexual harassment, and they are usually significant. Our New Jersey and New York employment law attorneys can help if you believe you have been retaliated against. We also help companies handle retaliation accusations with professionalism, shielding their businesses from legal troubles and bad press.
  • Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA): A New Jersey-specific act that protects employees from retaliation carried out by their employer for refusing to engage in any activity that is illegal or against public policy, or they reasonably believe to be illegal or against public policy. CEPA is unique to New Jersey only and is often alleged with violations of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.
  • Corporate governance and internal investigations: Our attorneys can help your business stay compliant with all government mandates and other industry rules and regulations, reducing the chances of being audited by a state or federal agency. We are also capable of providing representation and guidance for your company’s internal investigations, such as investigating claims of discrimination and/or sexual harassment.
  • Wage and Hour laws: One of the more complex areas of employment law. Simply put, state and federal wage and hour laws govern the wages that an employer can pay its employees. Whether it be minimum wage or overtime, classification, department of labor regulations and/or attempting to best ensure compliance, our employment attorneys can help you or your business avoid the many pitfalls which wage and hour laws often impact.

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For the Employer, our employment attorneys can work to help you avoid serious legal complications and consequences which may arise. For the Employee, our employment attorneys can protect you from discrimination, sexual harassment, wage violations, and more, and will work hard to maximize any future settlements which can be obtained.

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